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We all want glowing and healthy skin, but with so much pollution these days, this becomes quite a difficult task. Sometimes, even if we follow a proper skin care routine, we are not able to achieve flawless skin. It is often said that one of the simplest ways to get glowing skin is to add healthy food options to your diet. But that is not enough no matter how much we try, our lifestyle and environment play an important role when it comes to taking care of our skin. As the environment gets polluted, there has been an increase in skin-related medical problems recently. This is the reason that demand for derma medicines has increased. Thus, investing in a Derma Pharma franchise company is the best thing to do to start your career in this field.

 Derma 360 has innovation as its core value. Our research and development team is knowledgeable enough to study the latest trends in skincare and come up with products that are beneficial for our customers. Being the leading PCD pharma franchise company for derma products, we never compromise on the quality of ingredients we use or the sort of technology we apply. Not only do we keep on adding better machinery to our units, but we also increase our product count. We are currently one of the best PCD pharma company in Chandigarh.

Drug Range For Derma PCD Franchise

For our derma medicine PCD company we have certain products like cosmetics, oral anti-acne, oral anti-parasite, depigmenting and fairness agents, hair products, oral anti-fungals, oral anti-infectives, multivitamins and multimineral, oral antibacterials, oral antihistamines, topical anti-acne, topical immunosuppressants, topical anti-scabietics, topical anti-bacterial, topical anti-fungals, topical anti-inflammatories, etc. The quality and price of all our products make us the top PCD pharma franchise in Punjab.

PCD Franchise Company For Derma Range Of Products

One of the fastest-growing industries is the pharmaceutical industry. All our associates have access to the marketing collateral that we provide, which helps establish an image of our brand. We have our own manufacturing and storage units, and that is why there is never any delivery of products to our distributors. As soon as we receive an order, our logistics team packs it and dispatches it. Having our own manufacturing units implies that we can easily take and process bulk orders. Whatever investment you’ll make, the returns on investment will be more than that. Our business support is spread throughout the PAN India network. The best part is that we have quality checks at every stage, so there are no chances of carelessness.

Choosing the top PCD pharma franchise company

Choosing a top PCD pharma franchise is very important for aspiring entrepreneurs in India. These companies are known for their great support system, high-quality products, and offer great opportunities to people who are looking to have a place in the market. Working together with the best PCD pharma companies, they get access to a wide variety of medications and proper market assistance, which can help them reach their target customers effectively. These top pharma franchise companies already have good reputation or goodwill and great infrastructure. which can help in confidently facing challenges in the PCD pharma Industry. They aim at improving the accessibility of healthcare products across the country.

Best PCD Pharma Franchise Company In India

As there has been a rapid increase in skin-related issues, the demand for derma medications has increased all over India. A pharmaceutical freshman who doesn’t have enough monetary support can go for this sort of venture. Our name stands as the top PCD Pharma Franchise in Panchkula, and this is all because of the cumulative efforts of our team. We are based in Panchkula, but we operate all over India, as our business support is spread through the pan India network. The risk of failure is usually low in a derma PCD pharma franchise business. Moreover, in such a business, you can be your own boss, and you don’t have to work under deadlines. We believe that it is not just about delivering the product in the right state; the packaging should also speak for itself.

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Oral Anti-Infectives

Lower interference in Glucose, Phosphocalcium metabolism & minimal Sodium-Retention

Lower interference in Glucose, Phosphocalcium metabolism & minimal Sodium-Retention


Improves clinical picture of severe acne and has anti inflammatory effect.


Broad spectrum triazole antifungal agent.

Our Manufacturing Facilities are Certified

ISO 9001 2015

Oral Anti Parasitic

Covers infestations like – Scabies (Mites), Pediculosis (Lice), Onchocerciasis (River blindness), Demodicosis (Red Mange) etc.

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Derma 360

The derma industry in India is growing at a faster rate, which is why many derma medicine companies have recently emerged. Derma 360 is now one of the best derma medicine company in India. We have a wide range of derma products available, making us the top derma pharmaceutical in India. All the products are available at an affordable price and have gone through guaranteed quality and safety checks. Our product portfolio includes gels, capsules, tablets, syrups, creams, cleansers, and more. We make sure that our patients are satisfied with the products that are provided to them.

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Best Derma Medicine Company In India

Derma 360 is an esteemed derma products manufacturer in India and is working in a fair manner to deliver the best products to its customers. We are known to deliver a high-quality derma range to our customers. With our innovative technology and sheer dedication, we are known as the best derma pharmaceutical in India. We ensure that our customers get the best products available to them at competitive prices. Some features of our company that set us apart from the rest are:

  • We are ISO 9001:2015, WHO GMP Certified-Good Manufacturing Practice, H.A.C.C.P Food Safety Certified, and 100% HALAL Food Certified.
  • Our manufacturing units are big in size and we can easily incorporate large orders without any trouble.
  • There is no compromise on the quality levels at any level and everything is done as per safety standards.
  • The improvement and development of our each and every product are done by our team of experts.
  • We offer a varied range of products that offer full customer satisfaction and lifelong relationship with them.
  • Our company offers  marketing collateral such as diaries, calendars, covers, notepads, etc.
  • We offer the latest techniques and technology throughout the manufacturing and packaging of our products.

Reliable Derma Product Manufacturer

The dermatology range at Derma 360 is made with some unique formulations that are designed by our team of derma experts. As dermatology is connected with the skin, and as this is the largest organ in our body, such products have a very high demand. As we are the best derma products manufacturer in India, our derma manufacturing range is at the top. We can help you expand your existing derma business or start a new one. We offer strategies and plans that help in bringing growth and development to your business. We offer original and genuine-priced products. All our products are made with the best ingredients, and many companies are coming up and investing in our business. We offer help and support to our clients till the products are dispatched and collected by our customers. We work over a wide network all over India and offer products that help in curing problems related to skin and hair. We have a product range that includes Oral Anti Acne, Oral Anti Parasitic, Depigmenting and Fairness Agents, Hair Products, Oral Anti-Fungal, Oral Anti-Infectives, Multivitamins & Multimineral, Oral Antibacterial, Oral Antihistamine, Topical Anti Acne, Topical Immunosuppressants, etc.

Premium Derma Products Manufacturer In India

Started with just a few products, and now we have a range of derma products under our collar. We try to keep on progressing with the guidance of our managing experts. We use the finest ingredients in the manufacturing of our products. Our services are available in almost all parts of India, and we have a fine distribution network as well. Our manufacturing process is based on the principles of quality and trustability. Our experts come up with a well-designed plan to manufacture and package each and every product precisely.

What Makes Us The Leading Derma Products Manufacturer In India?

The need for skincare products is on the rise these days. We have years of experience in manufacturing derma care range and provide support to customers all across the country.

  • We manufacture products with the help of experts.
  • We have our unit for manufacturing activities.
  • Only high-quality ingredients are used in our products.
  • All our products are affordable and certified.
  • We assure timely delivery of our products.

Derma 360: Coming Up With Innovative Ideas

The derma industry is always coming up with better and more innovative products. With the rise in demand for derma products, the derma industry is the best investment to make at this point. If you are looking for the best business opportunities, then Derma 360 is the right platform for you. We will assist you in alleviating your business and directing you in the right direction. We promise to give you a high-quality experience at an affordable price. Feel free to ask more about our derma range by getting in touch with our team of experts.