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Tacrolimus 0.1 %w/w   10 mg /  20 Gm

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Composition : (  Tacrolimus 0.1  %w/w )

 TACMUST OINTMENT is applied to the skin. Skin that is swollen, itching, and red is a symptom of eczema, an allergic disorder. In order to reduce allergic reactions and treat eczema, TACMUST OINTMENT acts by impairing the immune system of the skin. A group of medicines known as topical calcineurin inhibitors includes TACMUST OINTMENT (Tacrolimus OINTMENT) (TCIs)

TACMUST OINTMENT – inhibiting the actions of specific immune cells that result in skin inflammation (redness and swelling). This helps atopic dermatitis patients with itching and improves rashes.

TACMUST OINTMENT -topically applied to the skin. calcineurin inhibitor is tacrolimus (Protopic). It functions by inhibiting calcineurin, a protein found in our bodies that aids in the activation of our immune systems. The eczema-causing inflammation is lessened by limiting our immune system’s response.

TACMUST OINTMENT – employed externally. It should be applied to the affected area 2-4 times per day,. It should be rubbed into the skin after being applied gradually and uniformly.


TACMUST OINTMENT USED externally. Use it in the quantity and time recommended by your doctor. Before using, read the label for instructions. Before applying the ointment, clean and dry the afflicted area.

BEFORE USING TACROLIMUS OINTMENT : Inform your doctor and pharmacist if you are allergic to tacrolimus ointment,


Side effects are possible with tacrolimus ointment. Any of these symptoms that are severe or do not go away should be discussed with your doctor:

skin irritation, burning, or stinging

Skin sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures enhanced due to tingling.

hair follicles with acne that are itchy, inflamed, or infected

muscular discomfort, back pain, or headache

similar to the flu

nausea and/or a runny nose

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