Derma Three Sixty


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Amrolifine HCL 0.25%w/w 20 Gm

Composition: Amorolfine 0.25%w/w Cream I.P.
Mode of action of Amrohit
Amrohit is primarily used in treatment of fungal nail infections. It is an antifungal
medication which prevents fungi from producing ergosterol (component of fungal cell
membranes). Due to absence of ergosterol, the fungi stop growing and its cells
breakdown. As a result, infection causing fungi die.

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Packing: 20GM


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Additional information

Amrohit helps in treating fungal nail infections.
> It is usually applied once or twice a week.
> Affected areas should be clean and dried properly.
> Avoid its exposure to eyes, ears, nose or mouth and if it happens, rinse with water immediately
> Do not share your nail-filer to prevent the spread of infection.
> Avoid during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
> Continue using Amrohit for few days after the symptoms of the infection have cleared so that infection can be prevented from coming back.
> Not to be used in children and infants.

Common side effects of Amrohit
Skin irritation, skin rash, blisters on skin, nail disorder, skin redness (Erythema),burning sensation of the skin.

Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

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